A special kind of Messabout in France

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A special kind of Messabout in France

This coming September there will be a 'build and go'event in the Gulf of Morbihan, France. It's a special kind of messabout, where you can fly in from wherever, build a boat and then spend a week exploring one of the best small boat cruising areas in Europe.

The inspiration for this is an event back in September 2011 when Brian Anderson organised the 'Loire River Raid'. Seven of us spent a few days building two Michael Storer Quick Canoes under the guidance of the designer himself. Then we set off down the Loire for a week of adventure.

This time the plan is much the same but we'll be cruising the youngest sea in the world. In Breton 'Morbihan' means 'little sea' It's almost land-locked but tidal with some interesting currents here and there. Depending on conditions we might also venture out into the ocean.

The Gulf has mediaeval cities, neolithic stone circles, fishing harbours and islands aplenty to explore. You can even walk in Benjamin Franklin's footsteps. We'll also be able to spend a day sailing one of the traditional fishing boats with their distinctive two masted lug rig.

If you live near enough you can bring your own boat, but for some the building is a bit part of the fun. When I went I took my skiff but joined in the building. There's been a fair bit of discussion about what boats to build this time, so anyone with suitable knowledge still has time to contribute ideas.

We'll need to keep numbers down to about ten. If you're interested email me at BoatMorbihan@amarshall.fr and introduce yourself. Or start by looking through our Web site: