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Moving Topics and Posts

It's dead simple to move a new topic you've just posted...

1. Find the address of the place where it should have been posted
(On the top level of the forum, right-click over the name of the area the post is to be moved to and select "Copy link location" - or whatever your browser calls the option - on the menu that appears.)

2. Go to the post to be moved and click on "Options" then select "Move topic" from the menu that appears.

3. On the screen that then appears, paste the copied URL into the field on the new screen.

Job done.

There are several variations on this.
Example 1:
If you post a reply in a topic and that generates a host of replies that drift away from the subject of the original topic you can generate a new topic from your original reply. In that case at Step 2 should read:

2. Go to the post to be moved and click on "More" then select "Move post" from the menu that appears.

Example 2:
If you post a reply and realise it probably fits better as a reply in another topic, you can move it to be a reply there. In this case Step 1 should read:

1. Find the post to which you wish your post to be a reply and click "More" then "Permalink" on the menu that appears. Copy the URL on the dialogue that appears.

You should then use Step 2 from Example 1


Whenever you move a topic or post all replies within the topic or to the post will be moved with it.
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