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Netherlands rally

In 2010 and 2011 Richard, Kathy and I had a great time meeting up with fellow Oughtred designed boat builders (and Iain Oughtred himself in 2012) at Uitgeest near Amsterdam. They were a multinational group, very welcoming and there is just so much water to play on!

The group is meeting up again on the 27th and 28th April this year and it's open to all home built sailing/rowing craft (as well as people with no boat to take. Plenty of other boats to get a ride in.)

Sybren is organising and the gist of his e-mail follows. I'm hoping to go but might be working on Friday 26th so have yet to look at ferry options and travel times. No pressure on return though so could explore places on way back. Happy to take extra passengers and an extra boat (either on roof or trailing.)

"Dear Iains clan members,
It has been quite a while since you heard clan news from the Netherlands We hope you had a good time sailing rowing or building your boot.
As Bert from the bootbouwschool has been very busy last time a small committee took over the organisation of the next meeting.
The date will be 27 and 28 of April
We found a not luxurious but nice camp house near Workum in the Frisian lake district. This former farm house  Is connected by a small dike  with the- Oudegaaster Brekken and several more lakes and canals. Internet:
Preliminary program :
Arriving Saturday and launch boats. Possibility to come and sleep Friday evening.
Admiring all the boats maybe inauguration or maiden trip
Afternoon Sailing or cruising.
Skippers dinner cooked by Frank and Clara.
Some evening program (suggestions, bring photographs )
 Sunday morning again sailing rowing cruising or racing.
Sunday afternoon departure.
This program is open for suggestions and will depend of the weather.
There is possibility for coming without boat.
Partners or grandchildren if sufficiently waterproof or shipshape  are welcome the house has plenty beds. Up to 40
We are trying to organise low costs We will cook ourselves but we will also ask some help for domestic duty’s . Don’t  worry a big dishwasher is available.
Costs will depend of the number of our party. We estimate now 50 Euro each person based on 25 participants.
Our small committee;
Onno van Sandick sails a yellow caladonian yawl
Sybren Kingma Boltjes with  Aluminium Tirrik
Frank van Zoest  Oar and Sail zeilmakerij
Contact address  tel. 0031 (0)521 523 723