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Privateer 20 (free to collector)

See below, just in case anyone is interested in a restoration project/fixer upper.


On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 4:34 PM, [openboat] <> wrote:

I have received the email below from the owner,  and it would be excellent if someone could take the boat on.

The Privateer 20 is the same class of trailer-sailer yacht as my one,  and is the slightly larger sister ship to the Shipmate Senior;  you may like to think of her as "a dinghy with a lid".   Rig is a choice of either gaff cutter or bermudian cutter.   LOA 19 ft 7 inches,  including clipper bow and short bowsprit,  16 ft 5 inches LWL,  so think of her as basically about a 17-ft hull which has then been stretched at the bows.

She is currently lying in Wiltshire,  near Chippenham,  and does not have a trailer;   the owner is in the process of selling the trailer on eBay,  and it will be going out in the next very few days.

The hull has been holed,  but the owner tells me that the damage is repairable.   He would very much like to see her go to someone who would do something with her.


"I am contacting you in the hope of finding a home for the above hull. I salvaged her from Cornwall, with the intention of restoring her following her being scuttled by vandals. Unfortunately due to ill health I was unable to complete her, but she would make an ideal project for someone, or at the least would provide a base to create repairs to their existing vessel by using her as a mould surface.

I am not wanting any payment for her, but do require her to be removed from my property in the next 10 days otherwise the only option for her will be the cutting disc and scrapyard.
"My email address is nigel.gillman@, but due to the short timescale calls would be preferable on 07902 448624.
"Many Thanks

"Nigel Gillman"