Puddle Duck Racer "Dumpster". For Sale

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Puddle Duck Racer "Dumpster". For Sale

Puddle Duck Racer  "Dumpster" .

Bob Rutland is a DCA member and a former stalwart of Cobnor Camp.
Unfortunately due to ill health he is having to sell his PDR.
They are quite rare in this country but very popular in the USA.
Read more about them at Duckworks

Bob's has a detachable cabin and comes with Paradox type roller reefing a launch trolley and trailer.
Full advert in the latest DCA Journal.

He's asking £300,  lying Buckinghamshire.

Bob doesn't do e-mail but I'm happy to forward any enquiries or you can contact his daughter Louise at lir7@sky.com

Please save Dumpster from the Skip.

Go on you know you want to.