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Re: Cotswold Meet 2011 and new site

Just a couple of observations on the new system:
As the sender of the emails is the site and not the individual it's essential for writers to identify themselves.
About half go to spam - presumably because the computer thinks the rather cumbersome 'ml.node etc etc' is not a real sender. Easy enough to retrieve of course.
An academic note. A high proportion of hbbr members seem to be computer techies - perhaps a correlation worth researching. I have noticed in universities a similar correlation between mathematicians and harpsichord building. Whether the latter use stitch and glue is not recorded.
Christmas greetings to all.
Bill Jones
(DCA, building a Linnet with Martin C)
In a message dated 23/12/2010 07:57:48 GMT Standard Time, [hidden email] writes:
OK with me.

If we let Water Craft know they'll put it in the Events Calender.