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Revising/Moving Posts

Hi Chris,

I don't quite understand this comment:

In the post here. You said:

Guys, I asked our Illustrious Administrator if he could move my comments of yesterday to this heading as being more appropriate and he tried, but cyberspace was too quick for him and my bundle of verbiage escaped, so here it is again:
Under this topic, but with the subject "Re: Seafair and Semaine du Golfe" you posted (or Paul has moved here) a near identical message yesterday. I don't understand what you think has "escaped". An explanation might help:

Whether you post on the forum or via email, as soon as your post reaches Nabble, Nabble does two things. It generates an email and sends it to everybody who is subscribed to the forum and it posts a copy on the forum. Those emails cannot be stopped. They're sent at the same time that the copy of that message posted on the forum.

You, or anyone, can go to the forum and read that message. You, but only you, can go to the forum and edit the message. Editing the forum copy will not generate a second email. Subscribers only get the original emailed version.

Regardless of which forum area a message was posted in, or whether it is moved by  a moderator or you (Yes, an author can both edit or move one of his messages - MORE > MOVE POST), replies will appear in the forum under the original message. That is true whether you post directly on the forum or by email. (The Emails Nabble generates include a hidden header line "In-Reply-To:" which directs the response to the appropriate place, wherever that currently may be)

What you have done is just post a second copy of your message. Those subscribed have now received two copies. Those who read the forum will see two posts. I recommend that you go to the forum and delete one of the copies. (You can't do anything about the duplicate email your second post generated.)

Please ask further questions about all this as I would like to add to the "Subscribing by Email" FAQ and so provide people with a more definitive guide.
Greg Chapman
GregAfloat - My Boating Biography
Paul (admin) Paul (admin)
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Re: Revising/Moving Posts


I moved the message but could not find it at the new location, so asked Chris to repeat his reply. There might have been a glitch in Nabble as it took a long time to process the move (normally instant). Now magically it has turned up.

It might be my mistake as I expected the message at the end of the list (instead its in time order), but I'd swear I could not find it.

No harm done, we are all on the learning curve, but keep an eye out for similar issues if you move a post.


PS I've tidied things up and removed Chris's original message.