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Peter Nobes wrote
Move it back please.  It was a reply to Al's "Is anyone
else going to be there on Wednesday?"
Precisely! Yours was a post about Barton Turf and times of arrival and said nothing of masts for sale.

It is always difficult to decide when the topic has drifted too far. In this case was yours the first post in that topic to talk only of venue and nothing about masts. It seemed reasonable to assume that replies to your post would also only talk of venue. That was the tipping point for me.

However, the author of a post does have the power to move their post, so you could do it yourself if you feel strongly that I have made the wrong decision. Just visit the post and select: More > Move post and enter the permalink of the topic or post to which you wish it to be appended.

Now I am in danger of causing topic drift. After posting this I'll move it the Forum Idea and Issues 
section with a "Topic Drift" subject line.
Greg Chapman
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